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Jul 25, 2010

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Phillip Walker Big Band - Crying for My Baby (Live at Biscuits & Blues 2002)
Todd Snider - Betty Was Black (And Willie Was White) (Happy To Be Here 2000)
Alastair Greene Band - Drunk Again ( Walking in Circles 2009)
Rocky Athas Group - Muddy Water Blues (Voodoo Moon 2005)
Jeremy Wallace - Two Busted Legs (Suicide Suitcase)
Matt Schofield - Lights Are On But Nobody's Home (Live From The Archive 2010)
Shawn Pittman - Let's Blow This Joint (Meridian 2009)
Duster Bennett - I Wonder If You Know (How It Is) (Live) (The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 2007)
Ben Prestage - Viper (Live At Pineapple Willy's 2008)
The Lee Sankey Group - The Manwith Ian Siegel vocAL Tell (Me There's A Sun 2003)

Spinner's Section:

Aynsley Lister: quiet boy! (3:25) (Everything I Need, Ruf, 2000)
Blue Bishops: nothing to say (4:15) (Deep, self-release, 2002)
Michael Hill's Blues Mob: wrong number (5:40) (Bloodlines, Alligator, 1994)
The Legendary Shack Shakers: all my life to kill (3:03) (Believe, Yep-Roc, 2004)
R.J. Mischo: Ruthie Lee (3:49) (Knowledge You Can't Get In College, Greaseland, 2010)
John Campbell: firin' line (5:39) (Howlin' Mercy, Elektra, 1993)
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen: funky munky biznis (2:48) (Pin Your Spin, Basin Street, 2004)
Jean Paul Rena & Terrawheel: sun is shining (6:17) (Can't Be Satisfied, CoraZong, 2007)
George Thorogood & the Destroyers: move it (4:47) (Ride 'Til I Die, Eagle, 2003)
Rod Piazza: deep fried (3:10) (California Blues, Black Top Econo-Line, 1997)

Back to Beardo:

Tin Pan - Just a Little While (Hound's Tooth 2008)
Memphis Cradle - Big, Dumb and Ugly (Memphis Cradle 2009)
Johnny Moeller - Bloogaloo ( BlooGaLoo! 2010)
Peter Karp/Sue Foley - Treat Me Right (He Said She Said 2010)
Sue Foley - New Used Car (New Used Car 2006)
Arsen Shomakhov - Hit And Run (On The Move 2010)