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Feb 24, 2013


Rev.Jimmie Bratcher - 57 (Secretly Famous 2013)
Frank Bey & The Anthony Paule Band - Still Called the Blues (You Don't Know Nothing 2013)
Big George Brock - So Long (Homeward Bound: a Loving Tribute to John-Alex Mason 2013)
Jo Harman - Better Woman (Dirt On My Tongue 2013)

Spinner's Section:

Woody &...

Feb 17, 2013

Sorry for the multiple screw-ups... not a good day for me.... THIS is the show with the proper Spinner's Section and is lower quality due to lack of storage this month...

02.15.12 Lotsa tunes from:


Feb 10, 2013


Boatload O' Women!!

Hank Marr - Travelin' Heavy (45RPM 1961)
Pat Boyack - Super Blue & Funky (Mexican Vodka 1997)
Andy T-Nick Nixon Band Featuring Anson Furndrburgh - Drink Drank Drunk (Drink Drank Drunk

James Montgomery - Intoxicated (From Detroit...To The Delta 2013)
Kevin Selfe - Duct Tape...

Feb 3, 2013

The Marconi Experiment #13

A small sampling of the genius of Jef Lee Johnson!!
I've wanted to do this show for a long time... I'm sorry that it took his untimely death
to get me off my ass.....

All tunes from several Jef Lee Johnson solo efforts (including Rainbow Crow) except the last comes from

Feb 2, 2013

show #475

Remembering Jef Lee Johnson

Jef Lee Johnson - Playing with the Strings (Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson 2008)
Jef Lee Johnson - 6-88 Glide  (Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson 2008)
Jef Lee Johnson(Geoff Muldaur vocal) - He's a Jelly Roll Baker (Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson 2008)
Jef Lee Johnson - Have to...