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Nov 25, 2012


It's ALIVE!!!!

Frank Zappa w/Lady Bianca - What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are? (Philly '76 Disc 2 2009)
Lady Bianca - Ugly Man (Live at Yoshi's Oakland 1.30.12)

Spinner's Section:
Spinner's live stuff

Willy DeVille: Betty and Dupree (4:03) (Acoustic Trio In Berlin, Eagle, 2002)
Rhythm Bombs:...

Nov 18, 2012


Ernie Andrews - Green Gin (Jukebox Swing: The Best of Swing-O-Rama 2000)
Sunday Wilde - I Guess I didn't Hear You Right

Spinner's Section:
no words, no comments

Gary Primich: the briar patch (4:27) (Company Man, Black Top, 1997)
Bobby Radcliff: universal rock (4:19) (Universal Blues, Black...

Nov 11, 2012


Johnny Ace & Kid Andersen -  Obama Wins!!! "Brand New Day Again!"

Spinner's Section;all live

Ford Blues Band: one kind favor (7:29) (Here We Go!, CrossCut, 1991)
Amazing Rhythm Aces: the blue room (7:50) (Absolutely Live, Icehouse, 2000)
El Fish: mighty long time (7:10) (Hooked, HKM, 1999)

Nov 4, 2012

show #462

Speed Freak Boogie - Frank Zappa (Mystery Disc included in Zappa Old Masters Box One 1984)
Ry Cooder - Take Your Hands Off It (Election Special 2012)
Bill Hicks - The Elite (Rant in E-Minor 1997)
Climax Blues Band - Rich Man (Rich Man 1972)
Tom Waits - After You Die (Bad As Me 2011)
Randy Kaplan -...