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Oct 30, 2005

Scooter & Carl, George and the smell of Watergate in the air..or is that Flop Sweat? The whole chain of command may be engulfed by a scandal slowly revealing the lies that led to war.

Oct 30, 2005

Beardo plays some of the new music sitting on his desk and Spinner gets Carlos del Junco crazy!!! Don't forget Sandy Taint at

Oct 24, 2005

Chicken flu2!!!! Plus... Bush's judicial brain storm, or was that a meltdown? Send an e-mail with an audio attachment under 30 seconds with your bitch for airplay!!

Oct 23, 2005

This week Spinner and Beardo pays homage to the Ray Charles by playing some wide ranging cover interpretations by people he influenced. Some songs gleaned from those old records in my basement!!! Don't forget the new feed for The Blueroom with Sandy Taint at

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