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Feb 26, 2011


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Keith Crossan - Blues for Mianna (Beatnik Jungle 2007)
Marty Grebb - Dem Dat Know (High Steppin'2010)

Feb 21, 2011









Taintarama #69 Long S&G conversation....... overdue!!

Feb 19, 2011


ALL VINYL!!!! Picture is a hint....

The Nighthawks - Upside Your Head (The Nighthawks (Mercury poisoning)1980)
Toru Oki and The Nighthawks - Pretty Girl, Cadillac & Money (Bad Boy Live 1983)
Mark Wenner - My Starter Won't Start (Nothin' But... 1989)
Buzzy Linhart - Eye 1-2-C-U Shuffle (Buzzy)

Feb 13, 2011

Bandana Blues#375

Bandana Blues with just Spinner - Beardo is taking a break

David Coppa & Scrapple: storm (2:39) (Storm, Choctaw, 1990)
David Coppa & Scrapple: jobless (5:10) (Storm, Choctaw, 1990)
Al Smith: night time is the right time (4.16) (Hear My Blues, Prestige, 1959)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band: hate...

Feb 5, 2011

New listeners... heads up... pick a different show to listen to for a more representative experience of our show... thank you!

I don't have time to type out the incredibly frustrating experience of producing this show. Now I see I didn't encode it to .mp3 before I uploaded it. Sorry, but you must deal with it. It will...