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Jan 30, 2011

Pic my cabin door tryin' to get Nighthawks on





This show was down..TAKING A week last month. My laptop is finally giving up...shutting down after just a few minutes of operation. A new one is being research..along with where the money is coming from. So, piecing this show...

Jan 21, 2011

Don't ask... #372 next week...


On The Cruise...

Big Guitars From Texas - Boomerang  (Big Guitars From Texas 1985)
Curtis Mayfield - Just A Little Bit Of Love (New World Order 1996)
Damon Fowler - Cypress In the Pines (Devil Got His Way 2011)
John-Alex Mason - Write Me A Few Of Your Lines (Jook Joint...

Jan 13, 2011


Big Guitars From Texas - Guitar Army  (Big Guitars From Texas 1985)
Jim Belushi/Dan Aykroyd - Dig Myself a Hole (Have Love Will Travel 2003)
Roomful Of Blues - Juice, Juice, Juice (Hook, Line & Sinker 2011)
John-Alex Mason - Rolled And Tumbled (Jook Joint Thunderbolt...

Jan 7, 2011

show#370 (All Covers)

Picture is a drawing and note from Capt. Beefheart for Mark Wenner.


Minor glitch in song #6...since my laptop is going south it was the third time I tried to

record the show and I wasn't gonna fix it... capish?

Captain Beefheart - Too Much Time (Clear Spot...

Jan 7, 2011

Gritty gives a short talk on his hospital experience. It will make you think and probably sign a petiton or two..