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Jan 28, 2007

Randall Bramblett - Rich Someday (from Rich Someday 2006 on New West Records )

 Spinner's Section:
Drippin' Honey: rubber band (Senorita, Sprechen Sie Love?, Cool Buzz, 1999)
Red Devils: cross your heart (King King, Def American, 1992)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys:...

Jan 24, 2007

Bandana Blues No Show

See you next week.... get over it...

Jan 12, 2007

whole show all eighties, all vinyl, all Spinner

Mark Hummel & the Blues Survivors: seven nites to rock (Playing In Your Town, Rockinitus, 1985)

Howlin' Wilf & the Vee-Jays: same old nothing (Cry Wilf, Big Beat, 1986)

Shout Sister Shout!: same day blues (45 rpm extended play, Love Bandit Records, 1989)

The Frog: we got...

Jan 7, 2007

Frank Goldwasser and The Alastair Greene Band - Too Poor To Die (from the latter 2006 riatsala music )
Jason Ricci and New Blood - Mellow Down Easy (from Blood On The Road 2003 -Rah Fax Records

Spinner's Section:
Dana Gillespie: blues is all I ever knew (Blue...