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Apr 28, 2019

Show #788

Another King Thing

The Dutch king had another birthday on April 27, so Spinner put together another King Thing show.
Royal and blue, just for you.

01. Guy King - King Thing (5:42) (Truth, Delmark Records, 2016)
02. Gary Moore - King Of The Blues (4:36) (Still Got the Blues, Virgin Records, 1990)
03. Bill...

Apr 21, 2019

Show #787

Blues As In Bandana Blues

So you get what you can expect: a regular Bandana Blues show with new, recent and older music.

01. Sugaray Rayford - Sometimes You Get The Bear (4:35) (Somebody Save Me, Forty Below Records, 2019)
02. Big Harp George - Cold Snap By The Bay (5:51) (Uptown Cool, Blues Mountain...

Apr 14, 2019

Show #786

A Regular Bandana

This episode is simply a regular Bandana Blues with new music and some older stuff, plus a vinyl trio.

01. Tony Campanella - Mr. Cleanhead (5:22) (Taking It To The Street, Gulf Coast Records, 2019)
02. Al Basile - Lefty's Nine Lessons (5:45) (Me & The Originator, Sweetspot Records, 2018)

Apr 7, 2019

Show #785

Another Quick One

Again Spinner didn't have much time to produce this episode.
So he picked a couple of long tracks out of the Bandana Blues music library.

01. Paul Mark & the Van Dorens - Dead End Town (6:34) (IndigoVertigo, Radiation Records, 2002)
02. Anders Osborne - Life Is Strange (5:57) (Ash Wednesday...