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BANDANA BLUES was started by Beardo at the end of 1999. Every saturday late at night after work, Beardo would host a live radio stream at Live365 from his home in south-eastern Pennsylvania USA.
Soon his long-time Dutch buddy Spinner joined him by means of pre-recorded sections from the international city of peace and justice in The Netherlands.
When podcasting became available in the 21st century, the boys turned the radio show into a weekly podcast.

Together Beardo & Spinner produced more than 700 episodes, most of which are still available for streaming or download at the LibSyn platform.

On September 17, 2017 Beardo suddenly, unexpectedly passed away, leaving a big void that can never be filled.

However, Spinner decided to continue the podcast, knowing that Beardo would want him to and also as an honor to him and the work he started. So, as of show #710 the podcast is called
BANDANA BLUES, founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner.

The BANDANA BLUES podcast is an independent not-for-profit labour of love and leans heavily on the support of its audience.
So please make a donation to help keep the shows in cyberspace available for all.