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Jun 13, 2010


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Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings - 2999 (Blues Evolution 2007)
Levee Town - I'm Not Broke (Levee Town 2009)
Chris James Patrick Ryan - The Tables Have Turned (Gonna Boogie Anyway 2010)
Graham Bond Organisation - Last Night (The Sound of 65 1965 of course)
The Blues Band - How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live? (Homage 1993)
Christian Dozzler - The Blues And A Half (The Blues And A Half 2008)
Ryan Shaw - I Am Your Man (This Is Ryan Shaw 2007)
J.B. Hutto & His Hawks With Sunnyland Slim - 20% Alcohol (Hawk Squat 1968)
Rory Gallagher - Heaven's Gate (Fresh Evidence 1988)
Chuck E. Weiss - Prince Minsky's Lament (23rd and Stout 2006)
Tom Waits -  Long Way Home (Long Way Home 2006)
Ash Grunwald - Breakout (Fish Out of Water 2008)
Grady Champion - You Got Some Explaining To Do (Back In Mississippi Live At The 930
Blues Cafe 2007)
Abbe May - Howl and Moan(Howl and Moan 2008)
J. Geils Band - I Don't Need You No More (The Morning After 1971)

Spinner's Section:

Steve Guyger: hey little baby (4:16) (Radio Blues, Severn, 2008)
Glamour Puss: I don't know how to win your love (3:17) (Wire & Wood, Northern
Blues, 2003)
Eric Bibb: destiny blues (3:33) (Diamond Days, Telarc Blues, 2006)
Peter Case: why don't we give it a go? (2:13) (Six Pack Of Love, Geffen, 1992)
Arthur Ebeling: dangerous (3:15) (A Rainy Night In Paris, Basta, 1998)
Blue Bishops: no religious man (4:57) (Deep, self-release, 2002)
Mikey Jr.: tight dress woman (3:42) (Mikey likes It, 8th Train, 2007)
San Pedro Slim: limited means (3:34) (Barhoppin', Barroom Blues, 2008)
Herman Brood: lost mind (3:30) (Back On The Corner, BMG/Ariola, 1999)
Jean Jeacques Milteau: hole in the wall (2:28) (Soul Conversation, Dixiefrog, 2008)

Back To Beardo:

Sir Douglas Quintet - Romance Is All Screwed Up (Day Dreaming At Midnight 1994)
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Thank You Mr. T-Bone (Blues Guitar Virtuoso Live
In Europe 1993)
The Pontiax - Let It All Fall Dead (100 Miles To Go)
The Nighthawks - I Don't Want to Be in Love (Hard Living 1984)

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