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Jul 30, 2011


Going to see Dweezil tonight!!!

Steve Marriotte & Packet Of Three -  Five Long Years (All Or Nothing  Live In London DVD 1985 recording)
Humble Pie - 79th Street Blues (Bonus Track Town & Country) 
Darcy Perry Band - Soul Of A Man (Phoenix 2008)
Hadden Sayers - Lap Of Luxury (Hard Dollar 2011)
Mikey JR - Pocket Full of Money (it ain't hard to tell)
David Gogo - Where The Devil Won't Go (Different Views 2009)
Tony Vega Band - Mumbo Jumbo (Tastes Like Love 2004)
Cream - Politician (Strange Brew: The Very Best of Cream 1983)
Humble Pie - I'm Ready (Performance: Rockin' The Fillmore [Live] 1971)
The J. Geils Band - Serves You Right to Suffer (The J. Geils Band 1970)

Spinner's Section:
even more vinyl

Ralph Shine Blues Band: I can tell (6:25) (-, Blue Rock'it, 1983)
Lloyd Jones Struggle: you ought to know better (2:57) (-, Criminal, 1986)
Brian Setzer: Rosie in the middle (3:07) (Live Nude Guitars, EMI, 1988)
James Harman Band: just as well to kill me (4:30) (Extra Napkins, Rivera, 1988)
Sonny Boy Williamson: keep your hand out of my pocket (1958) (2:45) (Bummer Road, Chess, 196?)
Buddy Guy: I found a true love (1961) (6:10) (I Was Walking Trough The Woods, Chess, 196?)
Howlin' Wolf: Natchez burnin' (2:09) (Poor Boy, Chess, 196?)
Sir Douglas Quintet: the gypsy (3:35) (The Return Of Doug SaldaƱa, Philips, 1971)

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