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Aug 12, 2012


Jef Lee Johnson - Rainy Day Dream Away (Laughing Boy 2003)
Cassie Taylor - Make Me Cry (Blue 2011)
Mickey Jupp - Down At the Doctor's (Live Bonus Track) (Long Distance Romancer 1979)
Corey Harris - Basehead (Bonus Track) (Greens From The Garden 1999)
Lance Lopez - Lowdown Ways (Handmade Music 2012)
Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys - Temperature (Luke's Dream 2012)
Danny Kortchmar - Up Jumped the Devil (Kootch 1973)
The Fabulous Thunderbirds Feat. Kim Wilson - Tortured (with Kootch, not the t-birds from High Water 1997)
Slo Leak - Can't Kill Me Twice (When the Clock Strikes 12 1999 with Kootch)

Spinner's Section:

Kris Pohlmann Band: believe (4:59) (One For Sorrow, self-release, 2012)
Aynsley Lister: I believe (3:41) (-, Ruf, 1999)
Barrelhouse: I'm tore down (4:00) (Live, Munich, 2004)
Chris Duarte Group: I'll never know (5:16) (Blue Velocity, Provogue, 2007)
C.C. Adcock: loaded gun (2:49) (Lafayette Marquis, Yep Rock, 2004)
Bottle Rockets: floatway (3:06) (Song Of Sahm, Bloodshot, 2001)
Howlin' Bill: hell freezes over (4:52) (Live At Ancienne Belgique, Donor, 2009)
Chris Daniels & the Kings: let me in this house (3:41) (In Your Face, Flying Fish, 1992)
John Campbell: wiseblood (5:14) (Howlin' Mercy, Elektra, 1993)

Back to Beardo:

Earl Hooker - Strung Out Woman Blues (The Moon Is Rising 1969 with Steven Miller)
Harvey Mandel - Guitar Martini (Emerald Triangle 1998)
Amos Garrett, Doug Sahm, Gene Taylor Band - Don't Lie To Me (Live In Japan 1990)
Andres Roots - Concrete Factory Blues (Leigh's Spider Jam 2011)
PJ O'Brien - Cold Like The North Pole (Jefferson Blues 2012)
Colosseum II (with Gary Moore) - Fighting Talk (War Dance 1978)
Gary Moore - Only Fool In Town (After Hours 1992)