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May 26, 2012

Memorial (and Becca Jane) Day Show

First 8 songs by some of the artists that played at The Bandana Blues BBQ 1991-2008

Cobalt Blues Band - Crazy
Mikey Jr - What Have I Done (it ain't hard to tell 2011)
Dennis Gruenling - Hot Shot (I Just Keep Lovin' Him Tribute to Little Walker 2008)
Paul Mark & the Van Dorens - 40 Ft. of Rope (Smartest Man in the Room 2012)
Steve Guyger - School Is Over (Radio Blues 2008)
Stringbean & the Stalkers - Bring It on Home (Hey Hey 2000)
Tino Gonzales - Hold On (The Right Time 2012)
Albert Castiglia - Public Enemy #9 (Living the Dream 2012)

Spinner's Section:
strong (arm) stuff

Kris Pohlmann Band: soulshaker (3:15) (One For Sorrow, self-release, 2012)
Aynsley Lister: she's a woman (4:26) (-, Ruf, 1999)
John Nitzinger: even my tears are cold (5:02) (Didja Miss Me, ITR, 1997)
Arno: black doll (4:07) (Charlatan, Virgin, 1988)
Tinsley Ellis: bringin' home the bacon (6:15) (Moment Of Truth, Alligator, 2007)
Juke Joints: bad bad feeling (5:50) (Going To Chicago!, CRS, 2010)
Chris Duarte Group: slapstak (5:55) (Vantage Point, Provogue, 2008)
Jonny Lang: cherry red wine (3:32) (Wander This World, A&M, 1998)
Big Blind: freak show (2:58) (Circus Left Town, Cool Buzz, 2009)
Dick Destiny & the Highway Kings: Dweezils ripped my flesh (0:38)

Back To Beardo:

The Siegal-Schwall Band - I'd Like To Spend Some Time Alone With You Tonight My Friend (The Wooden Nickel Years (1971-1974) 1999)
Tee - Happy Guy (This Is Tee 2008)
Aaron Williams And The Hoodoo - Sick And Tired (10:49)
Omar & The Howlers - I'm Mad Again (I'm Gone 2012)
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats - A Ton Of Money (Twisted 2009)
Bobby Jones/The Mannish Boys - How Long Will It Last (Comin Back Hard 2009)
Lisa Biales - Sugar (Just Like Honey 2012)
George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Wild Weekend (Live In Boston 1982)