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Apr 17, 2011


Roy Buchanan - Can I Change My Mind(Live Stock with Billy Price vocal 1975)
Eric Jerardi - Blame It On Me (Virtual Virtue 2002)
Fletcher, Kirk "Eli" - Lucille (Live at Ground Zero, Vol. 1 2009)
Duster Bennett (one man band) - Got A Tongue In Your Head! (The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 2007)
Carlos del Junco Band - Slick (Mongrel Mash 2011)

Spinner's Section:
all Great from Britain

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers: all your love (3:37) (Bluesbreakers, Deram, 1966)
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes: adopted child (8:13) (I'm On A Roll, Blue Label, 2005)
Hokie Joint: Tom Rushen blues (3:38) (The Way It Goes… Sometimes, Cool Buzz, 2008)
Dana Gillespie: below the belt (3:45) (Blues It Up, Ace, 1990)
James Hunter: ain't goin' nowhere (2:19) (The Hard Way, Go, 2008)
Ian Siegal: butter-side up (5:53) (Meat & Potatoes, Nugene, 2005)
Hoax: don't shake my hand (9:07) (Humdinger, Credible, 1998)

Back to Beardo:

Dave Sadler - Wrong Turn ( Fade To Blue 2011)
Hadden Sayers - Flat Black Automobile (Hard Dollar 2011)9
Eddie "Devil Boy " Turner - Miracles & Demons, Pt. 2 (Miracles & Demons 2010)
Johnny Reno and his Sax Maniacs - Hit, Git and Split (Born To Blow LP 1983)
Mikey Jr - Mikey's Out Back (it ain't hard to tell 2010)
Too Slim & the Taildraggers with Curtis Salgado on vocals - Everybody's Got Something (Shiver 2011)
Gina Sicilia - So Attracted To You (Hey Sugar)