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Aug 12, 2007

show #203

a full hour with Spinner

William Clarke: educated fool (Clarke) (Serious Intentions, Alligator, 1992)
Eddie Hinton: my searchin' is over (Hinton) (Letters From Mississippi, Instant/Line,

Michelle Willson: three aces club (Van Walls, Shetler, Levy) (Evil Gal Blues, Bullseye

Blues, 1994)
Otis Grand: waiting for the hard times to go (Grand, Basson) (Nothing Else Matters...,

Sequel, 1994)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band: just to be with you (Roth) (The Original Lost Elektra

Sessions, Elektra, 1995)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: behind the sun (Lester Butler) (Pinch That Snake,

self-release, 2001)
Little Mike & the Tornadoes: nobody knows New York (M. Markowitz) (Flynn's Place,

Flying Fish, 1995)
Spencer Bohren: snap your fingers (Martin, Zanetis) (Snap Your Fingers, Loft, 1989)
Chris Duarte Group: 32 blues (Duarte, Jordan) (Tailspin Headwhack, Silvertone, 1997)
Little Charie & the Nightcats: never trust a woman (Estrin, Alvin) (Shadow Of The

Blues, Alligator, 1998)
Marcia Ball: foreclose on the house of love (J.L. Sanders) (So Many Rivers, Alligator,

Pat Boyack: can't you see (Boyack) (Super Blue & Funky, Bullseye Blues, 1997)
Hoax: don't bust a valve (Amor, Hoax) (Sound Like This, Warner, 1994)

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