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Dec 3, 2006


Watermelon Slim -   (perhaps recorded at The Staircase {R.I.P.} in Hamilton, ON or at Joe's Pub NYC in 2003 )
Kyla Jane (Brox) and Victor (Brox) with The Brox Gang - Stop Breakin' Down (from )
The Moosters - Bad Karma (from Executioner )
Tommy Castro with Damon Fowler and John Lee Hooker Jr. - Mojo (from )
Howard Glazer and the EL 34s - Jump and Shout (from Got The Impeach Bush/Cheney Blues Blues check out )
Julian Sas - Sugarcup Boogie (from Dedication )
Robbie Ducey - Downright Dirty Shame (title track )
Grant Lyle - In Deep (from Self titled Cd 2005 )
Michael Powers - Voodoo Child (from legal outake from Prodigal Son 2006 )

Look for Spinner next week and use iTunes to find Beardo podcasts....