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Oct 1, 2006

Otis Blackwell - Daddy Rolling Stone (vinyl originally from Joe Davis LP 109 1957 re-issued in 1981 by Flyright Records in England)
 Spinner's Section:

The Hoax: head neck (Sound Like This, Code Blue - Warner UK, 1994)
Sugar Blue: I just got to know (Blue Blazes, Alligator, 1994)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: middle of the night (The Black Album, Nugene Records, 2006)
Egidio Juke Ingala Band (ft. Alex Schultz): full circle (Drivin' and Jivin', Kayman, 2002)
Drippin' Honey: trick baby (Drip Drip, Me & My, 1997)

Back to Beardo:
Paul Michael and the Blues Recruits - Nowhere to Run (from the Band's Demo 2006)
Duke Williams and the Extremes - Slippin' and a Slidin' (vinyl from A Monkey in a Silk Suit is Still a ... Capricorn 1972)
Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen - Oh No No No (from Pin Your Spin on Basin Street Records 2004 )
Leszek Cichonski - Hey Joe (Thanks to Macanudo!! and
Johnny Winter - Last Night (vinyl from White Hot And Blue on Blue Sky Records 1978 with Edgar and Pat Ramsey on Harp)
The Powder Blues - Boppin' With The Blues (vinyl from Uncut on Liberty Records 1980)

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