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Jul 2, 2006

Ten Years After - I Woke Up This Morning (from Ssssh. 1969
Chrysalis Records LTD.)

Spinner's Section:
Lynwood Slim: wee baby blues (Last Call, Delta Groove, 2006)
Paul deLay Band: ain't foolin' round (deLay does Chicago,
Evidence, 1999)
Addy Williams: maybe someday (1949) (Those Great Blues Girls
From The 40's, Capitol, 1985)
R.J. Mischo: A-OK (Cool Disposition, Crosscut Records, 1997)
West Weston's Bluesonics: please operator (self release, ????

Back to Beardo:
Chris Spedding - I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (from One Step Ahead of
the Blues 2002 Last Call Records )
The Nighthawks - High Ball ( from Hard Living 1986 Rounder
Records Corp. )
EG Kight - Sad, Sad Sunday (from Southern Comfort Blue South
Records 2003 )
Walter Trout - Wrapped Around Your Finger featuring Guitar Shorty
(from Full Circle 2006 Ruf Records )
Bullmoose Jackson and his Buffalo Bearcats - Big Ten Inch Record
(from Rock and Roll Roots 2006 Smith and Co )
Paul Mark and the Van Dorens - The Drinks Are On Me (from Go Big
or Go Home 1991 Radiation Records )
Kim Wilson - Lookin' For Trouble (from Lookin' For Trouble 2002 MC

Records )

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