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Mar 31, 2015

Bandana Blues Special

Spinner's funhouse #3

Ekseption: the 5th (3:21) (Ekseption, Philips, 1969)
Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks: savin' my lovin' (4:38) (Tangled Tales, Surfdog, 2009)
Liane Foly: la marelle (3:51) (Les Petites Notes, Virgin, 1993)
Rhythm Junks: canzonia per jaco (4:58) (Virus B-23, HKM, 2000)
Ides Of March: vehicle (2:54) (Vehicle, Warner Bros, 1970)
Jimmy McGriff: keep loose (5:56) (The Worm, Solid State, 1968)
Lyle Lovett: San Antonio Girl (3:31) (My Baby Don't Tolerate, Curb, 2003)
Brian Setzer Orchestra: since I don't have you (4:09) (The Dirty Boogie, Interscope, 1998)
Nina Simone: wild is the wind (6:59) (Wild Is The Wind, Philips, 1966)
Soft Machine: gesolreut (6:14) (Six, Columbia, 1973)
Dayna Kurtz: I've had my moments (5:17) (Secret Canon Vol.2, Kismet, 2013)
Blaze Foley: Blaze Foley's 113th wet dream (3:57) (Oval Room, Lost Art, 2004)
Johnny Nocturne Band: Johnny Nocturne (3:23) (Million Dollar Secret, Bullseye, 1999)
Durwood Douche: I'm in a pickle (4:00) (Big Banned & Blue, Roadrunner, 1999)
Ray Charles: makin' whoopee (6:20) (Live In Concert, ABC, 1965)
Lee Sankey: my day is just beginning (8:02) (My Day Is Just Beginning, A Ten Year Noose, 2001)