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Nov 14, 2010


Uncle Milty and Sweaty Larry - Too Late (personal stash 30 years ago)
Andres Roots - Redecoration Day (Roundabout 2010)
Lynwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band - Going To Mona Lisa's (Brazillian Kicks 2010)
Robson Fernandes - Outside Out Rhumba (cool 2009)
The Gas House Gorillas - Hep Cat King Of Everything (Five Gorillas Walk Into A Bar 2008)
Greg Nagy - Blues Will Take Good Care of You (Walk That Fire Thin Line 2009)
Tas Cru - Glad To Be Alive (Jus' Desserts 2010)

Spinner's Section:
from between the boxes

Heavy Trash: dark hair'd rider (1:51) (-, 2005)
Nighthawks: don't turn your heater down (2:55) (American Landscape, 2008)
Al Smith: tears in my eyes (5:56) (Hear My Blues, 1959)
Ryan Shaw: we got love (3:45) (This Is Ryan Shaw, 2008)
Rockin' Highliners: forty acres (4:06) (Sputnik Café, 2003)
John Mooney: levee camp moan (5:45) (Testimony, 1992)
Solomon Burke: only a dream (5:09) (Don't Give Up On Me, 2002)
William Clarke: got my bags packed (4:06) (One More Again, 2008)

Back to Beardo:

Lynwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band - Show Me The Way (Brazillian Kicks 2010)
Andres Roots - Brothers Grim (Roundabout 2010)
Dave Arcari - Good Friend Blues (Come With Me 2006)
Jimmy Thackery - Eat It All (audio from a utube video)
R.J. Mischo - Two Hours From Tulsa (Knowledge You Can't Get In College 2010)
Rick Estrin And The Nightcats - Big Time (Twisted 2009)
Kid Andersen - The Bender (Greaseland 2006)
Holmstrom, Logan, Hodges - We Got Ta Rock (Twist O Lettz 2010)
John "Juke" Logan - (mysterioso Bonus Track:) Love Me Like That (primitivo Mix) (Juke
Rhythm 2004)
Rick Holmstrom - Gravy (Hydraulic Groove 2002)
Michael Powers - Little Wing & Spainish Castle (LIVE)