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Jul 30, 2006

Floyd Dixon - Hey Bartender (from Marshall Texas Is My Home on Specialty Records 1991 )

Spinner's Section:
the ladies and the blues
Lou Ann Barton: you can have my husband (Read My Lips, Antone's Records, 1989)
Madeleine Peyroux: walkin' after midnight (Dreamland, Atlantic, 1996)
Sugar Pie Desanto: I want to know (Veltone single,1959)
Marcia Ball: la ti da (Gatorhythms, Rounder, 1989)
Connie Lush: good lovin' (Blues Shouter,…?…)

Back To Beardo:
James Harman Band - I Declare (from Do Not Disturb Black Top Records 1991 )
Little George Sueref and the Blue Stars - Feel So Lonesome ( from Little George Pussycat Records 2001
The Nighthawks - Nine Below Zero (from Backtrack 1988 Varrick Records )
Etta James - Strongest Weakness (from Let's Roll 2003 Private Music )
Lloyd Spiegel - Loretta
Billy Sheehan - Oh Well (part1) (from Man Of The World Reflections on Peter Green 2003 Audio Fidelity )
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (excerpt from The Vintage Years Live 2002 Eagle Records )
Floyd Dixon - Love Oh Love (fron Fine! Fine! Thing! 2005 High John Records )