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Jul 16, 2006

More Blues than you deserve...
Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, Phillip Walker - A Little More
Time (from Lone Star Shootout 1999 Alligator Records )
Capt. Beefheart and the Magic Band - Evil (from Live show
recording in Avalon 1966 )

Spinner's Section:
Colin James: standin' on the edge (Bad habits, Elektra, 1995)
John 'Juke' Logan: rockin' like a wild child (The Truth Will Rock
You, Mocombo Records, 2005)
Jimmy Wilson: lemon squeezer (1953) (Trouble In My House, Diving
Duck, 198?)
Jimmy Wilson: tell me (1953) (Trouble In My House, Diving Duck,
Michelle Willson: blues for a day (Evil Gal Blues, Bullseye Blues,
Rhythm Chiefs: RC Boogie (recorded live in Holland in 2005)

Back to Beardo:
Trudy Lynn with The Calvin Owens Orchestra - Blues Party (from
I'm Still Here on Sawdust Alley Records 2006 )
Larry McCray - Nobody Never Hurt Nobody With the Blues (from
Live On Interstate 75 2005 Magnolia Records )
Bill Perry - Sneakin' Around (from Greycourt Lightning Pointblank
1998 )
Johnny Jenkins - Bad News (from Ton-Ton Macoute Capricorn
Records 1974 )
James Harmon Band - By-Yourself Dance (from Strictly Live in
'! Vol. 1 Http:// )
Barbara Blue - What Makes You So Tough? (from Love Money can't
Buy 2006 Big Blue Records )