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Feb 24, 2006

show#133 02.25.05 Jeremy and the Satyrs- Superbaby Spinner's Section: Mitch Kashmar: runnin' off at the mouth (Nickles & Dimes, Delta Groove, 2005) Pontiax: 100 miles to go (100 miles to go, Blue Sting, 1990) Fleetwood Mac: hellhound on my trail (Fleetwood Mac, Blue Horizon, 1968) Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings: can't get my rest at night (Groovin', Ripple Records, 2000) Dr. John: do you call that a buddy (Goin' back to New Orleans, Warner Bros, 1992) Doug Sahm-I'll Take Care Of You Michael Powers LIVE- She's About a Mover Allman Bros LIVE- Ain't Wasting Time No More Paul Reddick and the Sidemen-Rattlebag Mikey Jr. -Love Her With a Feeling Ronnie Earl-The Magic of Sam Candye Kane-Gifted in the Ways of Love