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Jul 24, 2011


"The blues is a feeling ... not just a 12 bar tune"

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Red Dirt Rangers - Psychedelic Cowboy (Song for Sir Doug)(Ranger Motel 2007)
Sir Douglas Quintet - Stoned Faces Don't Lie (The Collection 1971)
MonkeyJunk - With These Hands (To Behold 2011)
Monkeywalk - Louder (Louder 1995)
The Rolling Stones - Monkey Man (Let It Bleed 1969)

Spinner's Section:
more vinyl

Wet Willie: shame shame shame (3:16) (-, Capricorn, 1971)
Dave Edmunds: thread your needle (3:20) (Tracks On Wax, Swan Song, 1978)
Ben Sidran: walking with the blues (3:50) (Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth, Blue Thumb, 1973)
Steve Miller Band: don't let nobody turn you around (2:27) (Your Saving Grace, Capitol, 1969)
Elvin Bishop: sweet potato (5:42) (The Elvin Bishop Group, CBS, 1969)
Joe Ely: boxcars (4:00) (Honky Tonk Masquerade, MCA, 1978)
Duke Tumatoe & the All Star Frogs: strong man (4:30) (Naughty Child, Blind Pig, 1980)
The Blasters: highway 61 (3:00) (-, Slash, 1981)
Griffin Brothers: shuffle bug (1951) (2:43) (Riffin' With The Griffin Brothers Orchestra, Ace, 1985)

Back To Beardo:

RB Stone - Find Yourself A Fool (Lonesome Traverler's Blues 2011)
Slo Leak - Satisfy Me  (Slo Leak 1996)
Chico Banks - Truck Load of Lovin' (Candy Lickin'Man 1997)
Jason Ricci & New Blood - Hip Shake (Live at Harmonicas Sur Cher Festival ????)
Bullfrog Brown - Blues For Tinkle (Snakes and Devils/Uncooked 2007)
AKA Rainbow Crow - Silver Boots (Betty Davis) (Longing Belonging Going Disc 2 2009)
Big George Jackson - St Paul Woman (Mix&Dorp 2011)
(Black & Tan Records 2011 collection of remixes,reinventions and rejuvenations. Forget the past. It's

dead, and so is the way you used to think about Blues. MiX&dorp blasts new life into the style by blending

modern beats and blasts from the future into existing tracks for a fresh sound that makes the rhythmic

heart of the Blues beat stronger than ever.)