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Nov 25, 2018

Show #766

Strong Arm Music

Are you ready for some strong guitar work?
Well then, sit tight and enjoy the ride.

01. Anthony Gomes - Peace, Love & Loud Guitars (3:49) (Peace, Love & Loud Guitars, Up 2 Zero Entertainment, 2018)
02. Randy Volin and The Hard Ones - Mr. Johnson (4:03) (Detroit Thang, In Your Pants...

Nov 18, 2018

Show #765

Blues Rocks!

Spinner put another eclectic blues show together for you. And it rocks! Enjoy.

01. Michael Burks - Hard Come, Easy Go (5:05) (Iron Man, Alligator Records, 2008)
02. The Dream Logic - You Wrecked Me (3:59) (Liquid Sunshine, self-release, 2018)
03. Regina Bonelli - Nothing I Can't Handle (4:25)...

Nov 12, 2018

Show #764

Post Election Blues

Whether you got the post election blues or not, this is a great rockin' blues show for these trying times.
So check it out and judge for yourself.

01. Canned Heat - Election Blues (6:04) (The New Age, Liberty/United Artists, 1973)
02. Billy Branch & Sons Of Blues - Crazy Mixed Up World...

Nov 4, 2018

Show #763

Another Kick-Ass Show

All recent music, some of it brand new in this Bandana Blues episode.
Spinner thinks it's another Kick-Ass show, but ofcourse it is up to you to judge if he's right.

01. The Hoodoo Tones - Rink Rage (2:03) (Here To Stay, Rhythm Bomb Records, 2018)
02. Dana Fuchs - Sedative (3:20) (Love...