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Apr 30, 2006


Good music + 16th Annual Bandana Blues BBQ announcement

Robson Fernandes- In Your Face
Rick Holmstrom- Lucky Lou
Janiva Magness-Workin' On Me Baby
Mighty Flyers-Shakin' Hands With The Blues
The Nighthawks-Woke Up This Morning
Paul Mark and the Van Dorens-With Each Heart i Break
Porkroll Project-On...

Apr 24, 2006

Gas prices and Nepal....

Apr 24, 2006

More stuff from the boys.........

Apr 24, 2006

Show 2 of Beardo's homage to free-form radio...*

* This was before I made a playlist.... perhaps I'll listen to it again OR someone who DOES listen to after 03.26.11 would write down what they heard and send it to me


ID3 file gave up the playlist so....


The Marconi Experiment #2

Apr 17, 2006

Part 2 of Tab Benoit's Katrina bitchfest!