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Aug 30, 2018

Bandana Blues Special

Spinner's Seventies #2

This is volume 2 of Spinner's music from the 1970s.
More or less a random selection from the sountrack of his younger years.

01. Sniff 'n' The Tears - Driver's Seat (3:57) (Fickle Heart, Atlantic, 1978)
02. Ekseption - Body Party (3:30) (Ekseption 00.04, Philips, 1971)

Aug 27, 2018

Show #753

Sad & Joy

In this episode of Bandana Blues Spinner shares the sad news with you of the passing of two respected musicians.
But he also introduces you to a couple of brand new releases, which ofcourse is a joyful matter.

01. Lazy Lester - A Woman (5:30) (Antone's 20th Anniversary, Antone's Records, 1996)

Aug 19, 2018

Show #752

Listen To The Blues

In episode 752 of Bandana Blues Spinner plays tracks of a few new releases, while spicing things up with some older stuff and an occasional odd ball, so to speak. So download and listen to some blues and more.

01. Larry McCray - Listen to the Music (4:25) (The Gibson Sessions, Magnolia...

Aug 12, 2018

Show #751

Plug It IN !!!

Another Bandana Blues episode filled with good music.
A diversity of blues tunes with 10 new albums and some other recent stuff.
So plug it in and enjoy.

01. Slapback Johnny - Doin' Time (2:46) (Hit Me Up, Rhythm Bomb, 2018)
02. Damon Fowler - Running Out Of Time (5:09) (The Whiskey Bayou...

Aug 5, 2018

Show #750

Celebration Cheers

Number SEVEN HUNDRED FIFTY... can you believe it?
Let's drink to that! Go get the show and enjoy!

01. Della Reese - Drinking Again (2:31) (I Like It Like Dat!, Jasmine, 1966)
02. Buddy Guy - Whiskey For Sale (4:02) (The Blues Is Alive And Well, Silvertone/RCA, 2018)
03. Mitch Kashmar -...