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Nov 27, 2006

Shakey Ground - If You Believe (

Spinner's Section :
Fat Harry & the Fuzzy Licks: gettin' out of your life (Pentatonic Pleasures, self release, 2005)
Dr. John: how come my dog don't bark (when you come around) (Goin' Back To New Orleans, Warner Bros, 1992)
Greg Brown: the...

Nov 19, 2006


Ruth Brown - Tears In Heaven (from The Songs Of My Life on Fantasy

Records 1993 )

Spinner's Section:
Big Rude Jake: queer for cat (-, Roadrunner, 1999)
Brian Setzer Orchestra: ball and chain (-, Hollywood, 1994)
Cadillac Kings: Lou Ann
Big Town...

Nov 13, 2006

The Cream - Politician (from Wheels Of Fire on Polydor 1968 )
Ronnie Baker Brooks - Cry Baby Cry (from Goldigger 1998 0n Watchdog Records )
Mighty Sam McClain - Love Me If You Want To (from Give It Up For Love 1993 on AudioQuest )
Chris Cain - Downfall Of A Lonely Man...

Nov 5, 2006


Randy Mcallister - Babe and Nan's Thing ( from Digin For Sofa Change on JSP Records 1997 )

Spinner's Section:
from the vinyl vaults VII

Shakey Jake (ft. Rod Piazza): do the boogie with you (The Key Won't Fit, Murray Brothers, 1983)
James Cotton: come back baby...