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Feb 25, 2018

Show #727

Blues & Lots of Tears

In this show Spinner raises some questions, the same questions that many other people have.
Because the facts give you the blues and lots of tears.

01. Mannish Boys - Bloody Tears (3:13) (Double Dynamite, Delta Groove Records, 2012)
02. Kenne Cramer - Blue Tears (3:35) (All Day Long,...

Feb 18, 2018

Show #726

Bag Full Of Blues

Enjoy BANDANA BLUES #726, which is just another bag full of blues, delivered to you by Spinner from the International Capital of Peace & Justice in The Netherlands.

01. Reverend Raven & the Chain Smoking Altar Boys - Looking For Love (5:14) (My Life, Nevermore Records, 2018)
02. Johnny...

Feb 11, 2018

Show #725

...with a twist of Tex-Mex

Spinner has a special reason to mix some Tex-Mex into your earfood of Bandana Blues show #725.
So sit yourself down, relax and bon app├ętit.

01. Skyla_Burrell_Band - Juke Jointin' Tonight (2:24) (Blues Scars, VizzTone, 2014)
02. Popa Chubby - Preexisting Conditions (4:53) (Two Dogs,...

Feb 4, 2018

Show #724

Lotsa Goodies!

A show filled with goodies from the present and the past, but all fresh and ready for consumption.

01. Jean Paul Rena - Hurricane (3:42) (A Thief Known For Stealing Hearts, self-release, 2017)
02. Rob Lutes - Pumping Love (3:33) (Walk in the Dark, Full Zoo Records, 2017)
03. Rex Granite Band...