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Aug 26, 2007


Ryan Shaw- I Found A Love

Spinner's Section

some acoustic blues

Monti Amundson: I see trouble (Amundson) (I See Trouble, Me & My, 1996)
Bjørn Berge: every morning (Kevin Moore) (St. Glide, Farmen, 2004)
John Lee 'Sonny Boy' Williamson: sloppy drunk blues (J.L. Williamson) (The Original Sonny Boy, Saga...

Aug 22, 2007

Bandana Blues Show REAL Late..sorry...!!

Aug 12, 2007

show #203

a full hour with Spinner

William Clarke: educated fool (Clarke) (Serious Intentions, Alligator, 1992)
Eddie Hinton: my searchin' is over (Hinton) (Letters From Mississippi, Instant/Line,

Michelle Willson: three aces club (Van Walls, Shetler, Levy) (Evil Gal Blues, Bullseye

Blues, 1994)

Aug 1, 2007

Damn...sorry the the wrong file was uploaded by mistake....


Spinner's section

El Fish: people in traffic (De bruyn, Casteels, Ieven) (Hooked, HKM, 1999)
Al Anderson: that thang (Al Anderson, Jerry Anderson) (Pay Before You Pump, Imprint, 1996)
CC Adcock: all 4 the betta (Adcock, Bramhall II,...