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Mar 25, 2018

Show #731

The Usual Stuff

Spinner treats you with the usual mix of blues and such.
Nothing special... well... actually it's ALL special. Enjoy.

01. George Thorogood & the Destroyers - American Made (4:06) (Ride 'Til I Die, Eagle, 2003)
02. McKee Brothers - You Know How I Lie (6:44) (Moon Over Montgomery, self-release,...

Mar 18, 2018

Show #730

Eclectooth Music

Spinner was suffering from a toothache a big part of last week...
which resulted in an odd selection of music and the loss of a molar.

01. Watermelon Slim & the Workers - I've Got A Toothache (3:41) (No Paid Holidays, Northern Blues, 2008)
02. Marshall Lawrence - Help Me Find My Way Home...

Mar 11, 2018

Show #729

Tricks of the Trade?

Spinner is a bit worried about global trade and gets lost between steel & war...
but when he manages to regain his senses he starts playing some brand new music.
Nevertheless, it's all damn good.

01. Edwin Starr - War (3:19) (Peace & War, Motown, 1970)
02. Guy Forsyth - Tricks Of...

Mar 4, 2018

Show #728

Great Stuff from Past & Present

For this show Spinner browsed thru his vinyl record collection and picked out a few tracks from the past.
But he also presents to you some more recent music, even some brand new stuff. Enjoy!

01. Buzzy Linhart - The Bag I'm In (3:47) (Music, Eleuthera Records, 1970)
02. Ike &...