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Nov 26, 2017

Show #714

Drastic Fantastic

BANDANA BLUES show #714 is "drastic fantastic" ... in other words: just another eclectic mix of great music - new & old(er).

01. Biscuit Miller - Monday Morning Blues (4:32) (Wishbone, self-release, 2016)
02. Al Basile - Who's Gonna Close My Eyes? (6:14) (Quiet Money, Sweetspot Records,...

Nov 19, 2017

Show #713

An (un)usual variety of music

In BANDANA BLUES #713 Spinner starts out being upset about some political issues.
But after that he manages to play some damn good music. Check it out!

01. Reverend Shawn Amos - 2017 (4:05) (Single from forthcoming album The Reverend Shawn Amos Breaks It Down, Feb 16, 2018)

Nov 9, 2017

Show #712

Mo' New Music

Show #712 of BANDANA BLUES - founded by Beardo, hosted by Spinner - is full of music that was released some time this year.
So indeed "Mo' New Music". Listen and enjoy! Tell your friends and neighbors.

01. Jimmie Bratcher - Honky Tonk Blues (4:44) (This Is Blues Country, Ain't Skeert...

Nov 4, 2017

Show #711

Brand New Music

An hour and a half of brand new music. Stuff you most likely have never heard before.
Go check it out and download it.

01. Dudley Taft - Don't Let It Fade (5:19) (Summer Rain, American Blues Artists Group, 2017)
02. Bobby Junior - You Got Soul (4:38) (Warm Winds, self-release, 2017)
03. Kings...