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Sep 30, 2012


Ry Cooder - The 90 And The 9 (Election Special 2012)
J.P. Reali - Biscuit Baking Mama (The Road To Mississippi 2012)
Sunny Crownover - Cook In Your Kitchen (Right Here Right Now 2012)
Mark Sells Band - Rock n' Hard Place (Missin' You 2012)
Johnny Hiland - All Fired Up (All Fired Up 2012)
Danny Gatton - Beat of the Night (Cruisin' Deuces 1993)
Bill Holloman - Reet Petite (At Last 1997)
Henderson, Berlin, Chambers - Wayward Son of Devil Boy (HBC 2012)
Finis Tasby - Jump Children (Jump, Children 1998)
Red Devils - Better Cut That Out (King King 1992)

Spinner's Section:
all vinyl again

Mighty Sam McClain: backstreets (4:43) (Your Perfect Companion, Orleans, 1986)
Jimmy Reed: I'm a love you (1:57) (Got Me Dizzy, Charly R&B, 1981)
Geoff Muldaur: meanest woman (3:46) (Blues Boy, Flying Fish, 1979)
Little Joe Blue: encourage me baby (1972) (3:24) (Blue's Blues, Charly, 1987)
Slim Harpo: dream girl (3:17) (Rainin' In My Heart, Excello, 196?)
Bonnie Bramlett: oncoming traffic (7:13) (It's Time, Capricorn, 1974)
Jimmy Rogers: mistreated baby (3:43) (Sloppy Drunk, Black & Blue, 1973)
Christine Perfect: and that's saying a lot (2:51) (-, Blue Horizon, 1970)
James Thunderbird Davis: blue monday (1963) (2:56) (If It's Not A Hit I'll Eat My Hat, Ace, 1985)
Shakey Jake: let me tell you baby (3:09) (The Key Won't Fit, Murray Brothers, 1983)
Charles Brown: my heart is mended (1955) (3:01) (Drifting Blues, Aladdin/Score, 1983)
David Bromberg: suffer to sing the blues (4:51) (-, CBS, 1972)

Back To Beardo:

Little Feat w/Mark Wenner sitiin' in - Long Distance Call
David Migden and the Dirty Words - Blues (Killing It 2012)
Lee Sankey - She's Not Alone (She's Not Alone 2000 w/David Migden vocal)