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Nov 11, 2007


Dave Fields > DF's Blues @Dave Fields ^Time's A Wastin' < (7:12)                

Spinner's Section:
more tracks of traveling
Sugar Ray & the Bluetones: dark roads are calling (Norcia) (Hands Across The Table, Severn, 2005)
Bonnie Raitt: big road (T. Johnson) (-, Warner Bros, 1971)
Bob Dylan: dirt road blues (Dylan) (Time Out Of Mind, Columbia, 1997)
Bill Kinnear & Carlos del Junco: gravel road blues (Fred McDowell) (Blues, Big Reed, 1993)
Dave Alvin: new highway (Alvin) (Blackjack David, Hightone, 1998)

Back To Beardo:
 Tony Vega Band > Phone Call From Leavenworth @Whitley/Vega ^Glory Baby <Red Onion (4:58)                
 Jason Ricci & New Blood > The Rocker @ ^Rocket Number 9 < (6:59)                
 Mason Casey > It's That Time of Year Again @Jon Tiven ^Sofa King Blues <Northern Blues (4:05)                
 Monster Mike Welch > I'm Gonna Move to Another Country @Mike Welch ^Just Like It Is <BGB (4:44)                
 Randy Mcallister > Clear My Head @Randy McAllister ^Dope Slap Soup <Reaction Records (5:34) for 24/7 blues...... Beardo 10am to 1pm EST of America Sunday, Monday and Wednesday