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May 21, 2006


Lynwood Slim-Across the Sea (Last Call, Delta Groove, 2006)

Spinner's Section:
some jazzy blues
William Clarke: walkin' (The Hard Way, Alligator, 1996)
Two Bones and a Pick: honey boy (Butter Up 'n' Go, CRS, 1998)
Patricia Kaas: un dernier blues (Mademoiselle chante…, Polydor, 1988)
Helen Humes: stop jivin' around (1945) (Those Great Blues Girls From The 40's, Capitol, 1985)
Lee Sankey Group: sometimes (Tell Me There's A Sun, A Ten Year Noose, 2003)

Back to Beardo:
Barbara Blue-Standin' In The Doorway Cryin' (Love Money Can't Buy, Big Blue Records, 2006)
Sista Monica-Cookin' With Grease (Can't Keep A Good Woman Down, Mo Muscle Records, 2005)
Sue Foley-Absolution (New Used Car, Ruf Records, 2006)
Stephen Dale Petit-Alexis Korner Says (Guitararama, 333 Records, 2006)
Bobby Lounge-Take Me To Angola (Ten Foot Woman, Abitian Records, 2006)

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