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Nov 19, 2006


Ruth Brown - Tears In Heaven (from The Songs Of My Life on Fantasy

Records 1993 )

Spinner's Section:
Big Rude Jake: queer for cat (-, Roadrunner, 1999)
Brian Setzer Orchestra: ball and chain (-, Hollywood, 1994)
Cadillac Kings: Lou Ann
Big Town Playboys: cry hard luck
8½ Souvenirs: sharp dressed man (Twisted Desire, RCA Victor, 1999)
Delbert McClinton: same kind of crazy (Room To Breathe, New West, 2002)

Back to Beardo:
Earl Thomas - Git Me Some (from his old internet site, now available in

a LIVE version at )
Angela Strehli - Howling for my Darling (from Live From Rancho Nicasio )
Steve Lukather - Hear My Train A Comin' (from Gypsy Blood A Tribute To

Jmi Hendrix Vol.2  2004http://cometrecords .com )
Paul Mark and the Van Dorens - Wholly Roller (from Trick Fiction on

Radiation Records 2006 Nico

Wayne Toussaint - I Can't Stop Playing The Blues (from Transatlantic

LIVE on Dixiefrog Records )
Freddie Roulette - Million Dollar Feeling (from Sweet Funky Steel on

vinyl from 1972? )


The Cadillac Kings
seventeen and a half years ago

Hi guys,
Bit of info about the CKs - formed in London in 2000. Two CDs - \'Lou Ann\' 2001 & \'Highway 17\' 2004 latter won UK blues cd of the year in The Times (major daily UK newspaper). Other downloadable tracks available on band\'s myspace