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Jul 18, 2010

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Bill Hicks - People Suck (Rykodisc - Rant in E-Minor 1997)

Spinner's Section:
Jimmy Vaughan: planet bongo (5:17) (Do You Get The Blues?, Epic, 2001)
Taj Mahal: done changed my way of living (7:04) (The Natch'l Blues, Columbia, 1968)
Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom: last go round (10:28) (Zim Zam Zoom, Bullseye Blues, 1996)
Roy Rogers & Norton Buffalo: big Jake (4:18) (Travelin' Tracks, Blind Pig, 1992)
Mitch Woods & his Rocket 88's: cryin' for my baby (6:19) (Shakin' The Shack, Blind Pig, 1993)
T-99: human cannonball (1:38) (Vagabonds, Cool Buzz, 2007)

Back to Beardo:

Mick Jagger & The Red Devils - Evil (Take 4 The Famous Blues Session 1992)
Shawn Pittman -Too Hot (Too Hot 2010)
Johnny Moeller - I'm Movin' on Up (BlooGaLoo! 2010 on Severne with Shawn Pitman vocal)
Brian Templeton - Evil Love (Bloozin' 2006)
Robson Fernandes - The Time That I Loved (Cool on Pacific Blues)
Junior Valentine - That Will Never Do (I Can Tell 2000)
Chuck E. Weiss with Willie Dixon - Down The Road A Piece (Old Souls And Wolf Tickets the Dixon track from 1970)
Finis Tasby - People Don't Care (People Don't Care 1995 on Shanachie)
Freddie Roulette - Sidewinder (Man of Steel 2006)
Albert King & Otis Rush - All Your Love (Door To Door 1990)
John Hammond - Big Black Mariah (Wicked Grin Wicked Grin 2001 Waites on guitar, Musselwhite on harp)
Tin Pan - Clarion (Hound's Tooth 2008)
Howlin' Wilf & The Vee-Jays - I Got a Thing For You (Cry Wilf! 1986 James Hunter is Howlin' Wilf)
Anni Piper  - Jailbait (Jailbait 2004 Aussie label Black Market Records)
Anni Piper - Bleeding Heart Tattoo (Chasin' Taidanl 2010 Bluesleaf Records)
Albert Castiglia - Catfish (These Are The Days 2008 Bluesleaf)
Arsen Shomakhov - Sweeter Than Honey (2010 Blues Leaf Records)
Johnny Charles - Take It Easy Baby (Take It Easy 2010 Blues LeaF)
Red Young - Mr. Lucky (Organizer 2003 Blues Leaf)
Stringbean & the Stalkers - Bad Luck Situation (Little Monster 2002 Blues Leaf)


almost twelve years ago

Great show! Brian Templeton track is the best. Never heard of him before. Keep up the good work

almost twelve years ago

Yeah, Beardo! Thanks for a great show. I loved that Freddie Roulette track and John Hammond is great. I love hearing new stuff like this!