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Jul 4, 2010

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Get Little Smokey Smothers CD at CD Baby  ...all proceeds go to Smokey .. listen to the show and hear Elvin talk about this humanitarian effort:

Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers - That's My Partner (That's My Partner 2000)
Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers - Remembering (Chicago Blues Buddies 2009) Buy it at CD Baby and help Smokey Out!! Tell 'em Elvin & Beardo sent ya'
Elvin - No More Lonely Nights (Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper-The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper(1968)
Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers - Travelin' Shoes (That's My Partner! 2000)
Little Smokey Smothers - Monkey Man (Bossman - The Chicago Blues of Little Smokey Smothers 1993 30 years in the making... his 1st solo record)
Little Smokey Smothers/Elvin Bishop - Crack Head Woman (Chicago Blues Buddies 2009)

Spinner's Section:
an odd selection of vinyl tracks

Mars - Fenwick Band: hot lips (3:00) (Fire In The City, President, 1986)
Big Joe Turner: little bittie gal's blues (3:19) (1944) (Out Came The Blues, Ace of Hearts, 1964)
Lee Dorsey: sneakin' Sally through the alley (2:46) (1970) (Holy Cow The Best Of Lee Dorsey, Arista, 1985)
Etta James: let's burn down the cornfield (3:41) (Come A Little Closer, Chess, 1984)
John Hall: scuffle (3:31) (Action, Columbia, 1970)
Tiny Alice: 15 cent hamburger mama (4:09) (-, Kama Sutra, 1972)
Buzzy Linhart: slow down (3:26) (Four Side Of Buzzy Linhart, Caromar, 1982)
Charley Musselwhite Blues Band: Clay's tune (5:07) (Stone Blues, Vanguard, 1968)
Zoots: just a game (6:37) (Bad Days Are Gone, Blue Sting, 1985)
Taj Mahal: baby you're my destiny (5:57) (Music Fuh Ya', Warner Bros, 1977)

Back To Beardo:

Elvin Bishop with B.B. King - Keep a Dollar in Your Pocket (The Blues Rolls On 2008)
Elvin Bishop - Get Your Hand Out of My Pocket (Red Dog Speaks 2010 with John Nemeth)
The Dynatones - Heartbreak Radio from the LP Shameless)
Tommy Castro - Big Love (Soul Shaker 2005)
Elvin Bishop - Clean Livin' (Red Dog Speaks 2010)
Michael Bloomfield - I've Got You in the Palm of My Hand  (Don't Say That I Ain't Your Man: Essential Blues 1964-1969 1994)
Soul Drivers - Strollin' With Bone (Tight White Dress 1999)
Andy Santana - A Love Like Yours (Swingin Rockin Jumpin and Jivin')

Happy 4th of July!!!!!