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Jun 18, 2011

Bandana Blues #393 - Requiem for a Laptop
with just Spinner (Beardo's laptop has finally bit the dust)
Dr. John: Litanie des Saints (4:45) (Goin' Back To New Orleans, Warner Bros, 1992)
Roomful of Blues: ocean of tears (3:01) (That's Right, Alligator, 2003)
Eric Bibb: spirit I am (3:42) (Get On Board, Telarc Blues, 2008)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd: everything is broken (3:48) (Trouble is…, Giant, 1997)
Duster Bennett: wasted time (5:02) (Comin' Home, Indigo, 1999)
Marc Benno: no problem child (4:37) (Take It Back To Texas, Sky Ranch, 1990)
Johnny Winter: love, life and money (5:20) (3rd Degree, Alligator, 1986)
Popa Chubby: buffalo chips (1:29) (Stealing The Devils Guitar, Dixiefrog, 2006)
Albert Collins with Barrelhouse: conversation with Collins (9:29) (Live, Munich, 1979)
Mitch Woods & his Rocket 88's: boogie with the boogieman (5:46) (Shakin' The Shack, Blind Pig, 1993)
Lightnin' Hopkins: sugar on my mind (1948) (2:43) (Moon Rise, Arpeggio, 2000)
Rod Piazza: how come you women look so good (4:17) (So Glad To Have The Blues, Murray Brothers, 1988)
13 (ft. Lester Butler): pray for me (3:07) (-, Hightone, 1997)
Artie Kaplan: stay, don't go (3:10) (Confessions Of A Male Chauvinist Pig, Hopi, 1972)
Billy Davis & The Legends: spunky onions (2:13) (45 rpm single, 1959)
Roy Buchanan: adventures of brer rabbit & tar baby (2:28) (Loading Zone, Polydor, 1977)
Arno: going back into the night (3:59) (Charles et les Lulus, Virgin, 1991)
James Brown - that dood it (1957) (2:32) (Please Please Please, Sing, 1988)
Fabulous Thunderbirds: mean love (3:55) (Roll Of The Dice, Private, 1995)
Steve Samuels: 2620 South La Cienega Ave (2:33) (Saturday Night Blues, Blue Sting, 1984)
BluesKings: work song (5:16) (Money Lover, DRC, 2009)
Lee Sankey: the unchosen (6:13) (Tell Me There's A Sun, A Ten Year Noose, 2003)
Dripin' Honey: this 'n that (4:23) (Love The Curse, Cool Buzz, 2002)
Mike Henderson & the Bluebloods: bloody murder (5:03) (First Blood, Dead Reckoning, 1996)
Toots Thielemans: wat zonde (1:57) (Turks Fruit movie soundtrack, CBS, 1973)