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Oct 25, 2009


The Twisters - I Refuse to Get Old (3:38)
5. Slo Leak - Sold for Parts (4:20)
6. James Day - Dead Broke Blues (4:01)
7. David Gogo - Death Letter (8:48)
8. Johnny Hoy - I Want to See Her (3:19)
9. Johnny Shines - Last Night's Dream (3:46)
10. André Bisson - I Gotta Move On
11. Rick Estrin - Porn Bred (4:18)
12. Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots - Square (4:45)
13. James Harman - Just As Well To Kill Me (4:31)
14. Eddie C. Campbell - My Last Affair (5:03)
15. Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - Check My Pulse (4:19)
16. George Harmonica Smith - Teardrops Falling (4:59)
17. Ronnie Earl - Blind Love (4:41)
18. The Detonators - She Don't Need Me (4:17)
19. Walter Jr. - Something Something (3:29)
20. Buddy Guy - Cut You Loose (7:39)

Spinner's section:

a heavy set

Arno: je suis sous (C.Nougaro, J.Datin) (A Poil Commercial, Delabel, 1999)
BB & the Stingers: due for a break (B.Brausewetter) (1st Blues Band On Venus, Dixiefrog, 1998)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd: shame shame shame (K.W.Shepherd, J.Nadeau) (Ledbetter Heights, Giant, 1995)
Ian Moore: how long (I.Moore, M.D.Ehmig) (-, Capricorn, 1993)
Imperial Crowns: two headed woman (J.Wood, J.J.Holiday) (Star Of The West, Triple J, 2007)
Blues Company: having a ball (Dulisch, Tudorovic) (Then And Now, Inakustik, 2001)
James Solberg: rhumba juice (J.Solberg, S.Carroll) (L.A. Blues, Ruf, 1998)
Popa Chubby: goin' down to Willie's (T.Horowitz) (How'd A White Boy Get The Blues?, Dixiefrog, 2000)

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ten and a half years ago

This one\'s probably my fav -- can\'t tell you why (not because it\'s a secret or nothin\'). How come when I listen to good blues, I start talkin\' funny-like?