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Jun 24, 2009

show#293 finally!!!

 Jimmy Johnson - You Don't Know What Love Is (6:49)
Rick Estrin - PA Slim Is Back (2:36)

Spinner's Section:
some more lyin' & cheatin'

Blues Factory: smoke (4:54) (B.Flesseman) (Take A Stroll!, CRS, 2003)
James Hunter: no smoke without fire (3:05) (J.Hunter) (People Gonna Talk, Go, 2006)
Blues Band: oo-oo-ee (4:00) (D.Kelly) (Brand Loyalty, Arista, 1982)
Dr. John: I pulled the cover off you two lovers (2:59) (M.Rebennack) (Loser For You Baby, Thunderbolt, 1977)
Omar & the Howlers: everybody knows about my good thing (5:45) (M.Grayson, L.Horton) (Big Leg Beat, Amazing, 1980)
Monti Amundson: your turn to be the fool (2:53) (Small, Amundson, Kaatee) (Man On The Floor, Me & My, 1997)
Kim Wilson: don't bite the hand that feeds you (4:14) (K.Wilson) (That's Life, Antone's, 1994)
Bobby Blue Bland: I intend to take your place (4:03) (J.Lewis) (Reflections In Blue, ABC, 1977)

Back to Beardo:

Eddie C. Campbell - Care (3:49)
Magic Sam - Every Night And Every Day (3:10)
Jimmy Dawkins - Feel So Bad (7:37)
Jason Ricci & New Blood - Life of Denial (3:52)
Rick Estrin - Catchin' Hell (3:46)
Kid Andersen - Aquavit Boogie (2:27)
Jason Ricci & New Blood - I'm a New Man (10:13)
The Insomniacs - At Least I'm Not with You (3:28)
Kid Andersen - Strange Land (4:47)
Rick Estrin - You Can't Come Back (4:20)
Charlie Musselwhite - Black Water (5:40)
AZ Kenny Tsak - My Tastee Cake (2:57)
Frank Zappa - Chunga's Revenge (7:02)

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