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Aug 21, 2010

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The 1988 Nighthawks (Jimmy Hall & Jimmy Nalls) - I Don't Want To be in Love
Blues Anatomy (Jef Lee Johnson) - 6-88 Glide (Rediscovering Lonnie Johnson 2008)
Asylum Street Spankers -  Wade In the Water (God's Favorite Band 2010)

Spinner's Section:

Livin' Blues: wang dang doodle (5:09) (Wang Dang Doodle, Philips, 1970)
Magic Dick & Jay Geils: too young to die (3:20) (Bluestime, Munich, 1994)
Dennis Gruenling (ft. Kim Wilson): I got to go (4:28) (I Just Keep Lovin' Him, BackBender, 2008)
Arno: rollin' and tumblin' (4:20) (Covers Cocktail, DeLabel, 2004)
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers: what'd I say (4:30) (Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton, Decca, 1966)
John Hammond Jr.: it's too late brother (3:14) (Trouble No More, PointBlank, 1993)
Roy Buchanan: Peter Gunn (3:17) (Dancing On The Edge, Alligator, 1986)
Dana Gillespie: it ain't the meat (2:42) (Blues it Up, Ace, 1990)
Q65: Mr. Pityful (2:21) (Revolution, Decca, 1966)
Family Style: looking for somebody (5:00) (Live In Nottingham, self-release, 2005)

Back To Beardo:
Maurizio Pugno featuring Sugar Ray Norcia - Drownin' on Dry Land (Kill The Coffee)
Alabama Mike - Hoo Doo Man (Tailor Made 2010)
Snowy White Blues Project - Long Grey Mare (In Our Time ....LIVE 2010)
Arsen Shomakhov - Georgia Slop (On The Move 2010)
Shawn Pittman - Gimme Back My Wig (Burnin' Up 1998)
Matt Schofield - The Letter (Siftin' Thru Ashes 2005)
The Nighthawks - Price Of Love (Hard Living)
NRBQ - It Comes To Me Naturally (NRBQ At Yankee Stadium 1978)
Tino Gonzales - Strange Brew (Tequila Nights 1999)
Albert Castiglia - Party Till the Cows Come Home (A Stone's Throw 2006)
Mike Morgan and the Crawl - No Money Down (The Road)
Stinky Lou and The Goonmat - Poor Black Mattie (Fat Sausage For Dinner)
Dr. John - Cold Shot (A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan 1996)
Kid Ramos- Bandstand Boogie (Kid Ramos 1999)
Robben Ford - Bold as Love (Gypsy Blood: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix, Vol. 2 2005)
The Bottle Rockets and David Lindley - Rocket in My Pocket ( Rock and Roll Doctor Lowell George Tribute Album 1997)
Ryan Shaw - Knock On Wood (It Gets Better)
Little Richard - Ain't That Good News (The R&B Years - 1953 [Disc 2])