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Jun 25, 2011


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Two weeks of work with my old laptop, a new Win7 laptop (that I sent back) and a Toshiba Tecra XP unit that I bought and POW!!! I just got all the old software that I needed to produce the show working this morning. Let's hope the high anxiety is finally over......

Big Joe Duskin - Cincinnati Stomp (Down Home Urban Blues Classics - Arhoolie 2011)
Michael Powers - Honeybee (Revolutionary Boogie 2011 to be released in August)
Dana Gillespie - Ten Ton Blocks (Live with the London Blues Band 2007)
Matt Schofield - Prisoner of Love (Basil's Bar Blues 2003)

Spinner's Section:

Delbert McClinton: that's the way I feel (3:12) (I'm With You, Curb, 1990)
Electric Kings: lonesome road blues (4:41) (Electronic, MW, 1997)
William Clarke: ain't no way to do (3:29) (One More Again, Watch Dog, 2008)
Johnny Adams: I underestimated you (4:43) (The Real Me, Sky Ranch, 1992)
Moreland & Arbuckle: in the morning I'll be gone (3:33) (Flood, Telarc, 2010)
Blues Company: blues is my middle name (3:27) (Then And Now, Inakustik, 2001)
Fried Bourbon: blue Picasso night (3:44) (Boogie Blend Blues, Music Arena, 2007)
Charlie Musselwhite: no (4:50) (Continental Drifter, Virgin, 1999)
Big Sugar: if I had my way (5:13) (Hemi-Vision, A&M, 1996)

Back To Beardo:

Jackie Johnson - Wash Your Hands (Memphis Jewel 2001)
Home Cookin' -   Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth (Home Cookin'1999)
Chris James Patrick Ryan - Can't Stand To See You Go (Gonna Boogie Anyway 2010)
Guitar Shorty - Get Off (Bare Knuckle 2010)
Mikey Jr - Can't be Satsfied (it ain't hard to tell 2011)
Bill Perry - Fade To Blue (Live in NYC at Manny's Car Wash 1999)
Tina And The Tigers - Good Lovin' (Christine Vitale vocals)

Donate at the Tip Jar's easy...