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Oct 27, 2007


Monster Mike Welch > Sticky Whisket @Mike Welch ^Just Like It Is <BGB (3:38)   

Spinner's Section:
Imperial Crowns: big love generator (Wood, Holiday) (Star Of The West, Triple J, 2007)
Paul Lamb & the King Snakes: give up giving up (Lamb, Strentz, Whitehill) (Shifting Into Gear, Tight & Juicy, 1992)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: you'd better be sure (Allen) (Chicken& Waffles, self-release, 2002)
Gary Primich: bad dog (Varrett, Webb) (My Pleasure, Amazing, 1992)
Jason Ricci & New Blood: roll all day (Ricci) (Blood On The Road, Fah Fox, 200?
Mitch Kashmar: funky dee (Kashmar) (Wake Up & Worry, Delta Groove, 2006)

 John Mayall > Jacksboro Highway @Bill Carter ^A Sense of Place <Island (4:07)               
 Walter Trout > Mercy @ ^Relentless,Ruf < (4:24)               
 Rusty Wright Blues > Hell on My Heels @Wright/LaCross-Wright ^Ain't No Good Life <Sadson Music (3:51)               
 Jimmy Thackery > XXX Wife @ ^Solid Ice < (6:45)               

King Friday
almost thirteen years ago

What the hell were you thinking? All those people out there who listen to your show on the portable media player that owns 75% of the market; the iPod - and you post Windows media files? Good thing for all those Zune owners, I guess. ; - )