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Jan 12, 2007

whole show all eighties, all vinyl, all Spinner

Mark Hummel & the Blues Survivors: seven nites to rock (Playing In Your Town, Rockinitus, 1985)

Howlin' Wilf & the Vee-Jays: same old nothing (Cry Wilf, Big Beat, 1986)

Shout Sister Shout!: same day blues (45 rpm extended play, Love Bandit Records, 1989)

The Frog: we got love (Be Kind To Animals Kiss A Frog, Polydor, 1982)

Metropolitan Blues Allstars: don't dog my cat (Trying Times, June Appal, 1988)

Paul deLay Band: I'm gonna stop (Burnin', Criminal Records, 1988)

The Mighty Flyers: somebody (From The Start To The Finnish, BRB Records, 1985)

Dr. Feelgood: no mo do yakamo (A Case Of The Shakes, United Artists, 1980)

Ivy & the Terrace Tones: big city blues (Live, Blue Shadow, 1985)

James Harman Band: rambler's blues (Extra Napkins, Rivera, 1988)

Nappy Brown: life's ups and downs (Something Gonna Jump Out The Bushes, Black Top, 1987)

Barrelhouse: blue ain't blue (Blue Ain't Blue, Ariola, 1983)

Long John Baldry: 25 year of pain (Rock With The Best, Capitol, 1982)

Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets: change neighborhoods (Sins, Black Top-Demon, 1987)