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Sep 17, 2006


Spinners Section is
harmonica galore:
Carlos del Junco: a funny thing (Big boy, Big Reed Records, 1998)
Mississippi Heat: that ain't love (Footprints On The Ceiling, Crosscut Records, 2002)
Kim Wilson: the lighthouse is gone (Smokin' Joint, M.C. Records, 2001)
Johnny Mastro & the Mama's Boys: the blues don't like no one (Pinch That Snake, self release, 2001)
Gary Primich: Queen of complication (Botheration, Black Top, 1999)
Mick Kinsella: gin and diatonic (Harmonica, self release, 2000)

Back to Beardo:
Mark Wenner and the BelAirs - Howie's Hammer (from Mama Tried on Right On Rhythm 2002 )
Imperial Crowns - Baby's Gone Wild (from Hymn Book on Ruf Records 2004 )
Dr. Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio - Kid Stuff (from You've Got The Problem on Blind Pig records 2006 )
Phil Berkowitz- Let The Good Times Roll (from ...Plays Louis' Blues ... The Music Of Louis Jordan on Dirty Cat Records 2004 )
Chicago Blues Reunion - I'm a King Bee (from Buried Alive In The Blues on Out ofThe Box Records 2005 )
JJ Milteau - Fishin' Blues (from Blue 3rd on Universal records 2003 )
Dennis Gruenling and Jumptime - Take a Step (from Dennis Gruenling and Jumptime on Backbender Records 1999 )
The Nighthawks - Hot Spot (from Hot Spot on Varrick Records 1984 )
John "Juke" Logan - Soul Stroll (from The Chill on Sky Ranch Records 1993 )

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