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Sep 11, 2006

Tommy Lepson Band - Catch Me When I Fall (from LIVE at Sweet Carolines Pwerhouse 2006 )

Spinner's section:
from the vinyl vaults III
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters (ft. Sugar Ray): follow your heart (They Call Me Mr. Earl, Black Top, 1985)
Metropolitan Blues Allstars: night patrol (Trying Times, June Appal, 1988)
Animals: the fool (Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted, Polydor, 1977)
Roland & Bluesworkshop: ain't gonna be your slave (Good As Bad Can Be, CNR, 1989)
Paladins: follow your heart (Let's Buzz, Alligator, 1990)

Back to Beardo:
Paul Mark and the Van Dorens - Conspiracy ( from Trick Fiction 2006 Radiation Records )
George Thorogood - Love Doctor (from The Hard Stuff 2006 Eagle Records )
The Nighthawks - Black Night (from Live in Europe 1987 Crosscut Records )
Danny Gatton with Delbert - Sun Medley (from Cruisin' Dueces 1993 Elektra Records )
Tom Principato - In A Dream (from In The Clouds 1985 Powerhouse Records )

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