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Aug 13, 2006

Jason Ricci and New Blood - The One Least In Love (from Blood On The Road 2003 -Rah Fax Records
Elmo Williams and Hezekiah Early - Natchez Fire (from Takes One To Know One Fat Possum 1997 )

Spinner's Section:
from the vinyl vaults I
Dr. Feelgood: educated fool (Fast Women Slow Horses, Chiswick, 1982)
Eddie Clearwater (ft. Sugar Blue): sugar baby (Flimdoozie, Rooster Blues/Double Trouble, 1986)
The Paladins: bad case of love (-, Wrestler/Big Beat, 1987)
HubertSumlin's Blues Party (ft. Mighty Sam McCain): a soul that's been abused (-, Black Top/Demon, 1987)
Chuck Hall & the Brick Wall: young boy (-, Whiz Bang Records, 1987)

Back to Beardo:
Banana Blender Surprise - Is It Friday Yet? (from Paint The Town Brown 2006 Freedom Records )
Michael Powers - Voodoo Child unplugged (from an Unreleased Recording )
Mark Hummel - 100 Years (from Blowin' My Horn 2004 Electro-Fi Records )
James Harmon - Mo' Na'kins, Please#2 (from Mo' Na'kins, Please Strictly The Blues Vol. 2 2000 Cannonball Records re-release from 1987 )
James Hunter - It Ain't Funny (from .... believe what I say 1995 Ace Records )
Jimmie Bratcher - I See red (from Red 2005 Ranson Music )

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