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Feb 26, 2007

Health Care ...   Schmelth Care...

Feb 26, 2007

Mark Wenner and The BelAirs - A Rockin' Good Way (from Mama Tried 2002 on Right On Rhythm http://www.righton 0

Spinner's Section:
bluesy tunes by non-blues artists
Keith Sykes: train to Dixie (It's About Time, Oh Boy Records, 1992)
Van Morrison: big time operators (Too Long In Exile,...

Feb 21, 2007

The Marconi Experiment #7

Underground Ballroom - Drawing The Line (from self-produced CD Contradictions 2006 )
The Chris Hinze Combination - Unity (from the LP Sister Slick on CBS Records 1974 )
Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea
Don Byron -  Talley - Ho (from Boomerang 2006 on...