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Mar 15, 2009

Bandana Blues Show #283 Alphabet Soup with Spinner flying solo!!!


Ok... It's all Tilburg Slim and his Alphabet Soup Show while I have PC ...I'm always politicly Incorrect...
I mean my laptop studio is in the throes of either death or massive hardware replacement...we will keep you posted.
Thanks Spinner!!!

Spinner's Alphabet

(A) Arthur Adams: Chicago sidewalk (Adams, Henderson) (Home Brew, Fantasy, 1975)
(B) Blues Factory: just one more time (I.Turner) (Take A Stroll!, CRS, 2003)
(C) Crazy Hambones: hear me calling (Krause, Judge) (Blowin The Family Jewels, Stormy Monday, 2007)
(D) Paul deLay: take me back baby (W.Jacobs) (The Paul deLay Band, Criminal, 1985)
(E) Ronnie Earl: thank you Mr. T-Bone + akos (R.Earl) (Blues Guitar Virtuoso, Bullseye Blues, 1995)
(F) Jerry Fish & the Mudbug Club: Mr. Clean (Whelan, Wyatt, Frew) (Be Yourself, self-release, 2002)
(G) Steve Guyger: little Rita (S.Guyger) (Radio Blues, Severn, 2008)
(H) Hokie Joint: lost in the city (Fisk, Burgess, Cutmore, King, Fulton) (The Way It Is… Sometimes, Cool Buzz, 2008)
(I) Imperial Crowns: you cut me (J.Wood, J.J.Holiday) (Star Of The West, Triple J, 2007)
(J) Steve James: ragged and dirty (W.Brown) (American Primitive, Antone's, 1994)
(K) King Biscuit Boy: too poor to die (Singleton, Wyche, Glover) (Urban Blues Re:Newell, Stony Plain, 1995)
(L) Erja Lyytinen: why a woman plays the blues (E. Lyytinen, D.Floreno) (Dreamland Blues, Ruf, 2006)
(M) Maria Muldaur: misery and the blues (C.LaVere) (Meet Me Where They Play The Blues, Telarc, 1999)
(N) Darrell Nulisch: running out (Ashford, Simpson) (Times Like These, Severn, 2003)
(O) Omar & the Howlers: dangerous man (K.Dykes) (Muddy Springs Road, Ruf, 2005)
(P) Ian Parker: until you show me (I.Parker) (Where I Belong, Ruf, 2007)
(Q) Q-65: down in the bottom (W.Dixon) (Revolution, Decca, 1966)
(R) Duke Robillard: this dream (still coming true) (A.Basile) (Tempteation, Pointblank, 1994)
(S) Doug Sahm: you're mine tonight (Wells, Meaux) (Juke Box Music, Antone's, 1988)
(T) T-99: George, Mo and Andre (the sequel) (D.laFontaine, M.deRuiter, M.denHaring) (Cherrystone Park, Sonic, 2005)
(U) James Blood Ulmer: jazz is the teacher (J.B.Ulmer) (Blues Preacher, Columbia, 1994)
(V) Veldman Brothers: let me love you baby (W.Dixon, B.Veldman, G.Veldman) (Home, self-release, 2007)
(W) Woody & Paul: tail light blues (W.Veneman, P.vanHulten) (Sons Of Bitches, Munich, 2007)
(X) ZZ Top: heard it on the x (Gibbons, Hill, Beard) (Fandango, London, 1975)
(Y) Youngbloods: peepin' 'n' hidin' (J.Reed) (Rock Festival, Warner Bros, 1970)
(Z) Rusty Zinn: confessin' about my baby (R.Zinn) (Confessin', Black Top, 1999)